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iPad Pro Review

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Review

Apple announced the iPad pro-2018 (12.9 inch , 3rd generation) on October 30,2018. It was launched on November 7, 2018. I decided to make this my daily driver. It's my primary weapon. I decided to choose iPad over Macbook because it is budget-friendly & Convenient to use. 

Here are the main takeaways from my one year with the iPad Pro:
  1. It’s convenient like you’ve never known before.
  2. It’s different than a laptop but still a usable machine.
  3. It still doesn’t quite function like a “computer” computer.
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The best thing about the iPad Pro, in my opinion, is convenience. I have been able to work where I’ve never been able to work before. During Uber rides, on cramped trains, and other common urban settings where it’d be hard to use a laptop.

I can bring this portable device everywhere. Like, everywhere. It slides into a backpack super easily, and you hardly feel it in there.

That’s nice since I’m always doing things last-minute and on the move — nothing like a deadline and an urgent errand to get the creative juices flowing, as they say. The iPad Pro’s availability creates opportunity, which I’ve greatly benefited from.

It’s designed for mobile use, so it’s easy to drop things and pick up where you left off quickly. In my opinion, iPad use feels easy and casual with the iPad's own operating system.

I use Ipad Pro more than 80 hours a week - 70%  of the time is being spent on work. Yes, it is true that the iPad Pro is different than a computer. Everybody should think of a different tool, rather than Substitutes.


  • 1. Don’t be afraid to invest time and money into apps. Find which ones work for you, and pay for the good ones if you need to. 

  • 2. Spend time learning the iPad’s features. There are many unintuitive ways it can smoothen your workflow.

  • 3. Get AppleCare.

  • 4. You’ll probably need to buy more iCloud storage, since working with external drives on the iPad is still a pain, especially with large files

Miscellaneous things, that I must mention -

Battery life: Excellent. Lasts a full workday unless I’m editing or watching videos.

Speakers: Crisp and beautiful sound.

Screen: Gorgeous and bright,  Dark mode is a lifesaver.

First-party keyboard: Pretty good, but I wish it was backlit.

Apple Pencil: Amazing and surprisingly durable.

Durability: No signs of slowing on the software end, and the hardware still looks fresh.

Weight: You hardly notice it. It’s like carrying a regular paper notebook.

Looks: Classy, hipster, conversation-starting. 

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