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Top 5 "Most Useful" Free Productivity Apps | 2020

Top 5 "Most Useful" Free Productivity Apps

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  1. Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do let you create to-do lists you can then share with friends, family, or coworkers -- who will have editing capabilities of their own. The user experience doesn't get messy, even when both people are working on a list at the same time. Suppose when you and your friend are at the Grocery store with the grocery list in Microsoft To Do app, you both can tackle the list simultaneously. It's more of a fun to check things off from multiple devices at the same time.

It has a very user-friendly interface which makes things very easy. It's sleekly design makes adding and checking off list items very simple and intuitive. Also adding and checking off sub-tasks, adding a due date, adding any reminders you may want, and so on.

2. Spark by Readdle

Spark is the best Email management app developed by Readdle. It is available in iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Android. It is free for individual users, does not serve ads, and offers a host of features aimed at power users. Plus, it supports all major email providers, including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Apple.

It offers various options to snooze an email, schedule an email to go out. You can also pin emails so that it is easier to find them later and get reminders to follow up on previous conversations. Advanced search functionality lets you use conversational keywords.

3. Instapaper

Instapaper makes it easy to save online articles for later reading: Just click a bookmarklet in your browser, and the story you are looking at is saved, stripped down to just its text and essential images. You can then access your saved articles on the Instapaper website or using the Instapaper apps for iPhone, iPad, Android.

Its basic functionality is to collect articles for later reading and tidying them up for easier reading. If you particularly admire a story you've read and want to be able to find it later, mark that story as Liked by clicking the heart icon. To go back to the stories you have liked, tap the Liked icon in the main screen’s sidebar. The iOS app can be configured to automatically post liked articles to the social network accounts you have linked. Other Instapaper users can find you and see your liked articles via Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr—if you have linked those accounts.

4. Forest

Forest : Stay Focused- for iOS and Android- is an app that is specifically meant to keep you productive. By planting a seed in Forest, you’ll watch it gradually grow into a tree. But if you leave the app to answer a text message or check Notification, then the plant immediately dies and you’ll have to start over again. But you aren’t faulted the first time you exit out to access a different app — a banner that pops up warning you that your tree is going to die. If you do it a second time, you’ll have to start over.

The interface is not only clean and simple but also very cute. Setup is very easy after creating an account, you set a timer and begin your task. Depending on how long you set the timer, you are able to see it count down as the tree grows above it. 

5. Fllipboard

Flipboard is a news and magazine app. The Flipboard app is available on multiple operating systems and devices, including smartphones and Tablets. After downloading the app, users have the option to subscribe to various topics, including News, Technology, Flipboard Picks, Design, Travel and more. You can also conduct searches for your favourite brands or bloggers to see if they have magazines on Flipboard. It can also be accessed in a web browser from the computer.

It gathers content from social networks, news publications and blogs. Flipboard app displays stories, articles, blog posts, videos and other pieces of content in a magazine-like format. Users have the option to create their own magazines as well as subscribe to the magazines of other users or brands. Once your feed has been populated with the content you want to see, it’s time to like or comment on the content in your feed, or “flip it” to be republished to one of your own magazines. You can create multiple magazines and control the privacy settings for each.

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