Friday, September 11, 2020

Top 5 Pro Tips for iPad Users

 Top 5 Pro Tips & Tricks for iPad Users

1. Mirror iPad Display With USB-C

Although plenty big, sometimes users need a bit larger of a screen to work with than what the iPad Pro offers. Thanks to iPad Pro switching to the USB-C cable, you no longer need a dongle, or an Apple TV to mirror your iPad's display. All you need is a USB-C to HDMI cable, plug it into the iPad Pro, and the device you want to mirror to and screen mirroring will instantly begin. By utilizing your Smart Keyboard Folio, you now have a fully functioning desktop computer!

2. Charge Devices Using iPad

Gone are the days of being stuck out and about with a dying piece of technology and no way to charge it. Turn your iPad Pro into a portable charger with a USB-C to Lightning cable! This cable will allow you to charge pretty much any device; from your iPhone, Apple Watch, Airpods and even your Nintendo Switch! If you're looking for an accessory that will really turn your iPad Pro into a charging machine, invest in the Anker 7-in-1 USB-C adapter. Perfect for airport travel, where chargers are often harder to find than a seat.

3. Scan, Sign and Send Documents

Everyone knows how downright annoying and time consuming it is to sign documents. You have to print, sign, scan, then send. You're even more out of luck if you don't own a printer/scanner, having to trudge down to a print shop or the library to complete the task. With the iPad Pro, this task can now be done in a fraction of the time it used to take. All you need to do is open the Notes app, tap the plus sign in the bottom-right corner, select Scan Documents, and take a photo of the document. Your iPad then converts it into a PDF that you can quickly sign with your Apple Pencil. How slick is that?

4. Hide Private Photos From View

When families get together and trade photos, they often pass around an iPad. But We might not want everyone to see all of our business in one place. Thankfully, there’s a way to instantly hide your private photos by default into an album that’s separate from your current camera roll. To hide photos, open your Photos app and tap Select in the upper right-hand corner. Next, tap the photos you want to hide and select the Share button from the bottom left of the screen (it looks like a box with an arrow coming out). Select Hide from the menu that appears at the bottom of your screen.

5. Scroll Faster and Easier

Editing text can be tedious on the iPad, but with the help of “trackpad mode” things become easier. With trackpad mode, you can quickly scroll through text that you’ve typed and instantly jump from the top to the bottom of a page (or vice versa). To enable trackpad mode, hold the space bar down on the keyboard until all the keys go grey. As long as you don’t remove your finger, you can quickly scroll through the entirety of your content.

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